Hyde Park-6


By incorporating environmental sustainability initiatives into the early design process, 362 Charles strives to achieve a development that not only appeals to lifestyle and community, but also the success of reducing its environmental impact to produce a genuinely sustainable solution.  DevelopWise has engaged one of Australia’s leading Energy Sustainable Design (ESD) consultants, eTool to conduct a full Life Cycle Design on 362 Charles. To find out more, watch the video below.

Solar Passive Design

To take advantage of the local
climate conditions and maintain
overall thermal comfort

Solar Energy

A 28kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
system will be provided to
generate electricity to the building

LED Lighting

Used throughout the building
to lower energy consumption

Motion Sensors

Provided to common corridors
and car parking areas to
reduce energy consumption

Energy Monitoring

Allows residents to understand
and manage their energy usage
so they can help conserve power

Water Efficient Appliances

Top quality water efficient fixtures
are used with water-wise landscaping
to help reduce overall water demand

Efficient Transport

Bicycle racks provided to
reduce the reliance on cars
where location is well serviced
by other transport alternatives

6 Star Rating

Apartments designed to achieve
a minimum 6 Star
Nathers energy rating